Meet Dr. Buffamonte

Dr. Buffamonte received his doctorate degree from the University of Bridgeport and his undergraduate degree from Temple University.

While attending the University of Bridgeport, Dr. Buffamonte published two research papers for peer-reviewed Chiropractic journals. The first article was on functional rehabilitation and the second was on a rare neurological neck condition. During his final year at the University of Bridgeport, Dr. Buffamonte served as an associate professor for multiple Chiropractic technique courses in tandem with his outpatient clinical rotation. Dr. Buffamonte’s clinical expertise and treatment methods stem from an evidence-based, research oriented approach with an emphasis on treating musculoskeletal conditions from head-to-toe, not just the spine. Dr. Buffamonte is full body trained and certified in Patch Technique which he uses as his primary treatment method. He takes great pride in utilizing all of his clinical knowledge and skills to identify the specific therapeutic needs for each patient in order to achieve a patients’ specific needs and goals.

In his spare time, Dr. Buffamonte is an avid musician, foodie, and chess player with a passion for discovering new cultures.

Dr Legere