Meet Dr. Puja Patel

Dr. Puja Patel is a Certified Patch Technique Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Puja Patel is a graduate from Life Chiropractic College West. Prior to Chiropractic school, she attended Drexel University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

During Chiropractic school, Dr. Patel had the opportunity to attended a mission trip in Fiji where she provided chiropractic care to over 300 people. On this trip, she worked in a multidisciplinary setting with other providers which sparked her interest in working in a multidisciplinary setting after graduation. She has extensive experience working with athletes, pregnant women, infants and the elderly for conditions throughout the body, not just the spine. Dr. Patel is certified in Patch Technique which she uses as her primary form of patient care. Because Dr. Patel’s appointments are one-on-one and hands on, she is able to help people get back to a pain-free lifestyle.

During her free time she enjoys taking fitness classes, doing yoga, spending time with family and friends and traveling.

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