Testimonials About The Patch Technique

PATCH Technique reviews

The biggest compliment that we receive at Patch are our patient testimonials.

Our primary goal as providers is to help our patient’s reach their specific physical goals. Whether the patient’s goal is as simple as waking up in the morning without pain or as complicated as playing tennis at high level, we treat each patient like the unique individual that they are. At Patch Chiropractic, there is no one size fits all plan, no cookie cutter template to follow and no aids to implement our care plans. Our Chiropractors work hand in hand, one-on-one with each of our patients in order to provide the highest level of care possible. Since our appointments are hands on only, we can continually modify our treatment plans in order to help the patient reach their goal as soon as possible.

When our patient has reached their goal, their testimonials tell us that all of our hard work was appreciated.

If you are thinking about reaching out to us for help, listen to what other patients who have been in your same position say about their experience.


I live a very active lifestyle by playing tennis several times a week. I have struggled over the years with staying on the court and with recovering from injuries…and then I was introduced to PATCH Technique. PATCH Technique keeps me on the court and I often get complimented on how well I am moving and how powerful my swing is. I recommend PATCH Technique to everybody that I come across who is or has struggled with aches, pains or injuries. I tell them, “try it before getting a steroid shot or surgery, everyone I have sent to get PATCH Technique gets fixed!” and I have yet to be told anything different from those who has tried it. No matter how long someone has been dealing with their injury or what other methods of therapy they have tried in the past, PATCH Technique helps where other treatments haven’t. PATCH Technique is literally a game changer!
Catherine S.
Dr. Legere and his PATCH technique is a tool I highly recommend every Physical Therapist take full advantage of. It is safe and highly effective. If you are unsure what PATCH is, Dr. Legere is more than happy to sit down with you to explain, as well as personally carry out the procedure on a body part of your choice. As a former employee with Strive, I intentionally sought out every opportunity possible to utilize PATCH in my approach. Whether it was a post-op labrum tear, frozen shoulder, FAI, SI joint, postural dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, tendonitis of any sort, neck pain, back pain, etc. it did not matter, there was always a way to incorporate PATCH.
Brendan K.
I highly recommend Dr. Marc Legere. Before I visited Dr. Legere, who was recommended to me by a friend, I had been suffering with painful plantar fasciitis on my right foot for several months. Orthotics, a boot, and crutches did not help. When I saw Dr. Legere, everything changed for the better! He explained to me what PF is, how to use my feet and my brain when I run, how to strengthen my core, etc. He recommended physical therapy with a great PT. Four months after visiting Dr. Legere and getting physical therapy, I ran my 15th ultra endurance run, shaved off 18 mins and 2 seconds and had a personal best in my 5th 50 mile event. Thank you Dr. Legere for giving me back my running feet!
Miriam D.
Dr. Legere is an amazing doctor who truly cares about the health and wellbeing of his patients. He has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and how it should work. If you have an injury, or are in pain, Dr. Legere should be one of your first stops to get you on your road to recovery. Thank you Dr. Legere, for helping me overcome my pain and being able to get back to living life!
Emily B.
I started going to see Dr. Legere at the beginning of March after suffering a pulled hamstring in February that was continually re-occurring. After seeing him just twice that week and receiving his PATCH Technique, my hamstring felt better than it had in weeks. Ever since then I have been going to see Dr. Legere preemptively about once a week and have absolutely no discomfort in my hamstring anymore. An injury which has been a nagging issue of mine in the past.
Daniel H.
Dr. Legere’s PATCH Technique is the most effective form of myofascial release that I have experienced in my 10 years of working through athletic injuries. It is a great way to enhance range of motion while working with a physical therapist to correct any biomechanical issues. Strive PT makes it very convenient to get unbeatable care through a combination of PATCH and physical therapy in one place for a coordinated recovery plan.
Julian M.
I’m a D1 athlete on the rowing team, and Patch Technique has been critical to my ability to execute practice and compete in races. The therapy is not very long, but can be quite effective in making you sound of mind and looser muscularly. Dr. Legere has helped me quite a bit these past two years with forearm stress, SIJ pain, and hip tightness. Without his help, I do not think I would have been able to keep up with the volume our rowing program enforces and wouldn’t have the confidence that my body was ready to execute what I asked of it. My experience with Dr. Legere have also been very pleasant as he’s extremely amicable and our conversations are fun and friendly. I would recommend any athlete with muscular pain working with Patch Solutions and Dr. Legere!
Alex T.
PATCH technique has been extremely influential in my life as a division one athlete. I went to first see Dr. Legere during my sophomore year; I had been dealing with low back pain in the fall of that year and decided to see Dr. Legere in order to help me recover. After the first 30-minute session with him, I could easily notice more flexibility in my back, as well as my legs, and my arm. Throughout the sophomore season, as well as my junior season, I went to Dr. Legere once a week for a tune up of my body. The baseball season is short, but the training is extensive. Between lifting 3-4 times a week, throwing midweek bullpens, as well as throwing 100 or more pitch games, my body was going through a beating; and the only way for me to recover amply was to see Dr. Legere and let him perform the PATCH technique on me. My arm stayed healthy throughout the year, and I had consistent velocity as the games went on.
Jake C.
I am a 59-year old marathon runner that runs 2 marathons a year and about 2,000 miles a year. I am nationally competitive in my age group. I would not be able to stay healthy in order to train and compete without the expert guidance and therapy of Dr. Legere. His in depth knowledge of anatomy and how specific sporting activities create stress and injury are second-to-none. Moreover, his PATCH Technique not only promote healing but also serve to prevent injury in the first place. Finally, since his techniques have been accepted by many high-performing athletes, his network of fellow doctors, therapists, trainers and coaches is outstanding and enables one to seek other relevant guidance when needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Legere for anyone who is looking for relief from the aches and pains of muscle and joint ailments.
Jim P.
Treatment with Dr. Legere’s “PATCH Technique” was for three days a week, he would laser focusing on my most troubling areas with his hands and elbows, pressing and twisting those sensitive trigger points throughout my body. For 10 to 15 minutes he would use his professional skills, relieve me from my pain and discomfort that’s been haunting me for several years, throughout my life. What a fantastic and caring person, Dr. M. Legere and staff.
K. Newton


I have been working with Dr. Marc Legere and his PATCH system for several months at Strive Sports Rehab and Aquatic Center at the Field House in Moorestown, NJ. Dr. Legere has been an asset to our efforts in treating patients of all types/ diagnoses. His expertise in identifying musculoskeletal / myofascial issues has provided our PTs with a sound resource in aiding their POCs. PATCH Technique has been a “game-changer” in reducing myofascial restrictions regardless of the clinical PT diagnosis. This has provided our staff with the time needed to focus on retuning musculoskeletal deficits in active exercise programs. Dr. Legere has been a good collaborator in our mission to restore function/ reduce pain / and improve the quality of life for our varied patient population.
John T., Physical Therapist
Dr. Marc Legere’s PATCH technique was a key foundational block in allowing our student-athletes to train at their full capacity. The volume and intensity of training that rowers have to complete to be competitive is really challenging for the structure, alignment, and musculature of the body and Dr. Legere’s caring approach combined with his diagnostic and therapeutic expertise gave the athletes the physical and mental confidence to excel. Our fitness metrics and on the water performance improved due in large part from the ability of the athletes to consistently train with better movement patterns, body awareness, and less pain. Dr. Legere made the student-athletes feel supported and cared for and he should be a differentiating factor for Penn Women’s Rowing going forward!
Wesley N., Head Coach, Women’s Rowing University of Pennsylvania
I will say this about Dr. Marc Legere. His unique style of stretching known as PATCH Technique always allows my swimmers to resume swimming with less pain immediately, but also allows them to do the rehab we prescribe with greater ease and accelerates their healing process. It is an adjunct to my swimmers care that I have come to rely on and my swimmers are seeing the benefits. I am very particular about my athletes, as they cannot afford to miss swimming due to injury at an almost zero tolerance level. The use of PATCH has greatly minimized the need to miss any practices at all. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the use of Dr. Legere with your patients. You will not regret it.
Dean H, Physical Therapist, Swimming Coach
As the Director of Strive Physical Therapy at the Field House, I work with athletes on a regular basis. The interdisciplinary care between myself and Dr. Legere has been seamless and my patients have seen great results. I have seen first-hand the benefits of PATCH Technique on improving functional ROM and improving my athletes movement patterns and overall performance.
Christian F., PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, Pn1
Dr. Legere and PATCH Technique helped me to regain the balance and mobility it takes to play over 100 games this past summer. His comprehensive approach and his easygoing personality made my time working with him a pleasure. Thanks Dr. Legere!
Sean C., Baltimore Orioles
I have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with Dr. Legere and our collaboration has not changed my way of treatment at all. I consider myself a very hands on physical therapist and I still perform all my usual manual techniques with my patients. The co treatment that occurs in our clinic allows for our patients who need a little more attention to receive additional care, which in turns allows for quicker recovery of ROM and function. Overall, the patient satisfaction speaks for itself!
Abigail D., PT, DPT, CSCS